Meat Rabbits and Cages

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Who am I:
First off, my name is Mike Whipple and I am a self proclaimed rabbit broker. I buy and sell rabbits, I build cages and help people get set up in the rabbit business. I have a lot of information that I have learned over the past few years. I have personally had over 100 breeding does. I have mostly dealt with the meat rabbit industry, but I do have contacts with the pet rabbits as well. ***NOTE: I do not mix the two groups. Meat rabbits are just that, meat. Pet rabbits are only sold as pets, and never as snake food or to eat.*** I love working with rabbits, and love this business.

What I am looking for right now:
I need meat rabbits to take to my suppliers. I need thousands of fryers every month, right now I do not have enough. The demand is real and I hope to find everyone that is interested in rabbits, and look forward to working with you; whether you have a lot of rabbits, or only a few, I will buy the fryers you have starting at $1.35/lb. These are the meat rabbits, namely; New Zealand Whites (black and red are acceptable) and Californians. There may be others, but please ask as I cannot guarantee I can buy all other breeds. ***NOTE: Pet rabbits like any of the minis, lops, or rex, etc... I cannot buy for meat. I may however buy them as pets and resell them that way. I am putting together connections and hope that this site will prove helpful in getting what you need.*** Want to sell you pet rabbits? Click here! then click on Sell Your Rabbits.

Size and Ages:
Rabbits must be 5 to 6 lbs. and 8 to 12 weeks of age. There may be a few exceptions, but I will stick to these specifications pretty strictly. Anything over these specs will be considered a roaster, which I will still buy, but at a lower rate per pound.

UT, ID, NV, CA, WA, OR, WY, CO, MT, and now the Mid Western states, with an end goal to service the whole USA!!
If you are in any of these locations, I am looking to buy rabbits from you and expand my business. Some of these areas are not developed, but I am open to suggestions and areas as there has been increasing demand as information circulates.

Cages and Hutches:
I also build cages and hutches. I have been doing that for a while and am real good at it. I bought brand new wire and can build cages for cheaper than you can buy them in the store, and all of mine are custom built. Let me know what your needs are and I will accommodate. I also have feeders, water tins and water bottles. I can also set up automatic water systems. I did that with my rabbits at one time. I will be getting some definite prices soon, but the prices for cages will be $25-$35 per cage depending on size. feeders and waters sold separately. The more you buy, the better deal I can give you on items. There are some area that I cannot deliver to, but ask anyways. shipping them may be a possibility as well.
Or to save money, I can share with you how I make them and you can DIY. :)

Please feel free to contact me anytime by phone, text, or through e-mail. I can take calls at most any time. My cell phone number is 435.512.8728. email
I look forward to getting to know you, let me know what I can do for you,

This is a picture of a 5 hole cage that I make. It is 10 ft wide by 3 ft deep.
This is a picture of a 2 hole cage. 4 ft wide by 3 ft deep.
This is the wire that I use to build the cages.
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